PopFax Review


PopFax.com has been providing Internet fax services since 2005, and operates on a global basis. The head office of PopFax is based in Versailles, France. Popfax provides Internet faxing services that can cater for both individual and business needs. PopFax have more than 50,000 customers worldwide, and provide local numbers to businesses based in 500 cities across more than 20 nations, with 24 languages supported.

At the time of writing, neither PopFax nor its parent company POPESCO has sought Better Business Bureau accreditation.

Operations and Functionality

The PopFax platform can be delivered in one of two versions; either send-only or send-and-receive. Naturally, the former of these only allows the user to send faxes. You can send faxes via a web-fax interface, or via mail-to-fax.

PopFax’s email-to-fax option enables you to send faxes to as many as 500 recipients at once, and if you are a big business that accumulates a faxing volume in excess of 10,000 faxes per month, then PopFax will offer you a special contract that includes a “customized technical and commercial interface”. PopFax also offers voicemail, and you can send email-to-text faxes, utilising PopFax as a sophisticated SMS service if you wish to do so. PopFax also supports conference calling, and the company also provides a call transfer service.

Inbound faxes are stored by the PopFax system in an online interface. Email alerts regarding received faxes are standard, but you can also sign up for SMS alerts should you wish to do so.

PopFax provides you with a personalized fax cover sheet, but you can customize this should you wish to do so.

Pricing and Packages

The PopFax pricing structure is dependent on several factors, including which country you wish to fax to and from. The company offers two packages that allow unlimited fax reception, and numerous packages that enable you to send various amounts of pages. They also have an interface on their website that enables you to assess the cost of various amounts of sending and receiving based on your personal circumstances.

The Bottom Line

PopFax incorporate some rare features into their service which may make them attractive to some businesses. If you require conference calling or email-to-SMS then they are definitely worth a look. They may not appeal to more general US-based businesses due to their pricing structure, and the fact that the website prices all of its services in euros and sterling.