Online Fax Services With Smartphone Apps

Increased Mobility for Online Faxing

Although Internet faxing already offers an extremely mobile platform for sending faxes, this mobility is set to be further enhanced by the introduction of smartphone applications. These applications are very useful as they essentially turn your mobile into a fax machine, whether you’re using an iPhone, BlackBerry, or Android smartphone.

Online Fax Versus Smartphone Faxing

Online faxing enables you to fax from anywhere in the world with any device that can be connected to the Internet, as the system allows you to send and receive faxes from computers, fax machines, mobile devices, or via an online fax service, which usually provide a web interface for this purpose.

However, mobile app faxing enhances this process by enabling any individual to send faxes using a smartphone. The service takes advantage of the flexibility of cell phone network technology to allow mobile phones to operate web-based functions. Smartphone faxing allows you to use your mobile phone to create, send, receive and manage faxes. The mobile apps with the best functionality enable you to do this without logging into your Internet fax provider account.

Different Ways To Mobile Fax

Different mobile faxing service providers offer various services. For example, the compatibility of various providers with iPhone, BlackBerry and Android can differ. Similarly different mobile faxing apps have different features with regard to the sending and receiving of faxes.

Below is a quick summary of what five of the top providers offer:

MyFax – MyFax concentrates on delivering a high-class app for Apple’s iPhone at the expense of the BlackBerry and Android platforms. MyFax’s app enables users to directly construct their own pages on an iPhone, or to utilise the iPhone’s built in camera to take a photograph of a physical document, in order to fax that.

The MyFax app features a slider control, which enables users to adjust the brightness of text photos in order to increase their legibility. The app also contains numerous default cover pages, but users can create their own if they wish to do so. Eight pages can be faxed at one time with this app, while faxes may be received directly via iPhone. The MyFax app also does a good job of storing previously sent and received faxes.

RingCentral Fax– RingCentralFax supports each of the three main platforms – iPhone, BlackBerry and Android, and its functionality allows users to receive Internet faxes, view them, and forward them to people stored in a contact list. However, you cannot create your own faxes within the RingCentral platform. You can, though, use your smartphone browser to access your RingCentral account and from there engage in any faxing work that you need to carry out.

eFax – eFax supports both the iPhone and Android platforms, but does not offer BlackBerry support. The eFax system allows a user to take a photograph of a document for faxing purposes, and then attach a default or user-created cover sheet. The eFax mobile app also provides the functionality for users to send email faxes. A useful feature included in the app is the ability to have the platform automatically enhance visual images to improve the clarity of text. The app also automatically combines multiple text photos into separate fax pages, and includes a user-specified digitized signature within a fax. The app also converts received faxes into searchable documents, which enables users to either search through lists of stored faxes via their phone, or forward faxes via email. In order to make this process more painless, users can assign search tags to faxes, which enhances the searching process.

Popfax – The application supports each of the three major smartphone platforms – iPhone, BlackBerry and Android. The Popfax enables users to receive, download and forward faxes. Furthermore, an add-on called “Popcompanion Mobile” allows users to personalize their own fax cover pages and manager their contact lists.

MetroFax – MetroFax does not support BlackBerry, but provides provides smartphone fax capabilities for both Apple’s iPhone and the Android platform. The MetroFax mobile app automatically optimises image quality. Furthermore, a fax can be sent on the MetroFax mobile app by accessing the ‘cloud’, with support for Google Docs, Dropbox, and SugarSync. The app allows users to view received faxes and also to forward them to either an email address or another fax number.

Getting a Mobile Fax App

Mobile fax apps are free of charge once you have registered an account with your chosen provider. Registering is simply a case of accessing the provider’s website and selecting the appropriate option, whether this is iPhone, BlackBerry, or Android.