OneSuite Review


OneSuite first began providing digital fax services in 1999. The company claims to have been the first online faxing provider to have introduced pay-as-you-go billing. OneSuite is registered and based in Los Angeles, California. OneSuite offers several subscription-based VoIP and Internet-based faxing services.

At the time of writing, the OneSuite company has yet to seek Better Business Bureau accreditation.

Operations and Functionality

There is no set-up charge for OneSuite, who offer both local and toll-free fax numbers as required. OneSuite provides a mobile application which is compatible with laptops, iPhone, BlackBerry, Androids and tablet computers. If you want to try OneSuite’s service before you sign up to them, then you can get a month’s free trial.

You receive five email addresses to receive faxes when you sign up to OneSuite. The company also provides you with a free voicemail service, which you can receive in any one of five ways, including VoIP.

OneSuite’s VoIP service enables you to send one voice message to several recipients simultaneously. You can receive an unlimited number of incoming VoIP calls for free. The VoIP incorporates various features, such as Caller ID, the blocking of international calls (if required), and an accessible log of all calls. You can port your existing fax number and / or phone number across to OneSuite.

OneSuite also provides you with an online browser in order for you to send faxes with is compatible with both PCs and Apple Macs. You can send bulk faxes to up to five recipients at one time. The OneSuite system enables you to track both inbound and outbound fax records for three months, and provides you with notification when you send a fax.

Pricing and Packages

OneSuite have a series of very cheap subscriptions available, their prices really vary depending upon what sort and scope of service that you require from them.

There isn’t a straightforward monthly charge with OneSuite. There is instead a minimum $10 charge for creating an account, and various packages that follow on from that expenditure. Faxes sent within the United States cost 2.5 cents each.

The Bottom Line

OneSuite provide some good VoIP services, and for those companies who require this service, their website is well worth checking out. Their online faxing service is a bit limited for those who require a serious service.