Nextiva Review

Nextiva is a brand name registered by UnitedWeb Incorporated, and is located in the town of Scottsdale in Arizona, where it has been incorporate since 2007. The company was founded in 1996 by Thomas Gorny, Lukas Gorny and Tracy Conrad, who remain at the helm to this day, and has a staff of approximately 100 people.

The company is a multinational business that supplies products to businesses ranging from small to mid-sized. Nextiva specialises in unified communication services, and provides such services as VoIP phone, Internet faxing, hosted PBX, SIP trunking and online conferencing services.

The company aims to provide the sort of telecommunications that big corporations take for granted to smaller firms at a price point that is suitable for their turnover. Their most recent figures indicate that Nextiva has over 1 million business clients in more than 150 nations.

Nextiva has acquired an A+ rating with Better Business Bureau having first registered with them in 2008.

Nextiva Fax Features

Nextiva runs a service could vFax which incorporates the following features:

•           Companies can opt for a local or toll-free number at their discretion.

•           As many as five employees can be assigned to be the recipient of faxes.

•           A flexible system with regard to the sending and receiving of faxes, with the ability to do either via fax machine; email; cell phone, mobile devices; computer; Microsoft Office; or Nevia’s specialist control panel which can be accessed online.

•           Any Microsoft application can be used to send and receive faxes.

•           Files from virtually all common file formats can be attached.

•           Access your faxes on the go with a cell phone or mobile device.

•           Receive accurate and swift confirmation when your fax has been received.

•           Store all of your sent faxes.

•           Access all of these stored faxes at any time via a web-based server.

In contrast with many other companies that offer cloud-based VoIP services, Nextiva both owns and operates its own network, and this incorporates both data equipment and telecommunications.

What Nextiva Offers

Nextiva dubs its Internet fax program ‘vFax’, and offers six separate packages to suit business of all sizes. There are no initial start-up fees for any of these plans. Should a business exceed any of the applicable monthly limits. Nextiva charges an average of 3 cents per page. Both incoming and outgoing pages are counted towards your monthly limit.

The packages that Nextiva have on offer are as follows:

Basic Annual – This plan is aimed at individual users, and is available at the yearly price of $59.40. Included in this is 500 fax pages each month. Should you not be sure if you wish to commit yourself to this scheme, Nextiva provide a free trial so that you can assess it.

Basic Monthly – This scheme will cost you a monthly fee of $8.95, and enables you to send 500 fax pages per month. It is also possible to acquire a free trial for this package.

Premium Annual – This plan is targeted at small business, providing 1,000 free fax pages each month for a yearly fee of $155.40.

Premium Monthly – This is a monthly version of the Premium Annual scheme, and requires a monthly payment of $17.95.

Max Annual – This is aimed at businesses that do a healthy amount of faxing with a hefty page limit of over 3,000 fax pages per month. The yearly fee for this package is $359.40.

Max Monthly – The monthly version of the Max Annual plan costs businesses a monthly premium of $34.95.

The Bottom Line

Nextiva offers a wide range of packages that will suit businesses of any size. Before signing up for any other provider, you would be well advised to check out what Nextiva has to offer your business.