InterFax Review


InterFax is one of the most established digital faxing providers having launched its first faxing service over fifteen years ago in 1996, and its first Internet-based package three years later. InterFax has grown into a multinational business which deals with 60 million faxes each year. InterFax have registered offices all over the world, in locations such as London, Houston, Stuttgart, Tokyo and Istanbul.

At present InterFax hasn’t sought accreditation with the Better Business Bureau.

Operations and Functionality

InterFax supports numerous email applications. As well as the likes of Outlook and Outlook Express, InterFax can also be used with web-based email servers including Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail. All major file formats such as PDF, TIFF and HTML are supported.

InterFax enables you to send faxes from multiple email addresses, and its system automatically associates them with a single username for you. The InterFax system offers fax receipt notification, but also offers the rare feature of allowing the user to customise this as per individual requirments. Thus, InterFax can be optimised to always notify you, only when faxes are successful, only when faxes are unsuccessful, or never. The system will make ten attempts to connect and send your fax, and you can customise the intervals between each of these ten attempts, and schedule faxes to be sent at whatever time of the day is required by users.

Pricing and Packages

InterFax operates a sliding scale of prices dependent upon what you are willing to pay and how much faxing you require. The system is quite customisable depending upon your individual needs, and the amount of pages that you receive is dependent upon where you wish to fax to and from. It is difficult to summarise the pricing structure of InterFax succinctly, but what can be said is that there are packages covering everything from a few dozen pages per month, to tens of thousands, so everyone is catered for.

The Bottom Line

InterFax has a very user-friendly, customisable email faxing system and an incredibly large number of possible packages to every conceivable destination in the world. In addition, the company has been around for a very long time in Internet faxing terms, and has an established worldwide reputation. Definitely one of the market leaders in digital faxing.