FoIP Defined

FoIP stands for Fax over Internet Protocol.

Fax over IP can be achieved in one of two ways:

• via an online provider.
• by the use of an FoIP server based on your company’s network.

There are strong arguments in favour of using an online fax service if you don’t have any IT support located at your business, and also if you only fax a few thousands pages per month. However, if you have a huge number of employees who each fax thousands of pages per month, then the cheaper option would be purcashing an FoIP server in order to add it to your existing network structure.

FoIP servers are either dedicated server software that runs on a computer that you already own, or a dedicated server that you connect to your existing network. If you wish to install your own FoIP server, you should be warned that a certain level of IT proficiency, understanding about how VoIP works, and an understanding of IP networks, routing, ports, and so on, is a necessity.