FaxPipe Review


FaxPipe are a subsidiary brand name of the AirCom USA corporation. AirCom are registered in Provo, Utah. FaxPipe has been providing digital faxing services for 12 years. FaxPipe pledge to never sell any of your data to third parties or partner companies.

FaxPipe’s parent company AirCom USA registered with the Better Business Bureau in May, 2012. They are currently in possession of the highest rating from the BBB of A+.

Operations and Functionality

FaxPipe is a fax-to-email provider who provide you with a local or toll-free number as required. The FaxPipe interface is straightforward and easy to use, and will necessitate no training of staff as sending a fax simply resembles sending an email with an attachment.

FaxPipe has some excellent security features. Users can have faxes delivered as secure, encrypted, password-protected PDF files. You can also have sent faxes delivered directly to a secure web or FTP server of your choice. If you need to be HIPAA or GLB compliant then FaxPipe is an excellent choice.

FaxPipe must be commended for their customer service. Their website offers FAQs, video tutorials and email support. They also have an excellent customer service phoneline which does not force you wait in a queue. This line is open from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m, MST. All in all, the company is deserving of its A+ rating with the BBB.

FaxPipe offers 800 and 888 number free of charge, and do not charge users for porting a number into the service. FaxPipe offers local numbers for thirteen US states. The number of documents that you can send via the FaxPipe system is dependent upon which email service you wish to use.

FaxPipe only offer ten days of storage, considerably less than offered by most digital fax providers. However, the service provides you with five email addresses to receive faxes, and you can send faxes from an unlimited number of email addresses.

Pricing and Packages

FaxPipe offer six basic email faxing packages.

The cheapest package is available for $3.95 per month, which enables you to send and receive 25 fax pages per month.

The next largest package is available for $6.95 per month, and it enables you to send and receive 75 fax pages per month.

Should you require more faxing than that then another package is available for $8.95 per month, which enables you to send and receive 200 fax pages per month.

The next package up from this is available for $12.95 per month, and it enables you to send and receive 300 fax pages per month.

For approximately double this, you can order the next passage up at $24.95 per month. This package enables you to send and receive 600 fax pages per month.

Finally, FaxPipe’s biggest package costs $36.95 per month, and enables you to send and receive 900 fax pages per month.

The Bottom Line

FaxPipe offers a decent service, and has excellent ratings for customer service, but its packages are somewhat more expensive than some of its competitors. Nonetheless, if you want the peace of mind of signing up for a service with an A+ BBB rating then they certainly merit some consideration.