FaxAge Review


FaxAge is a subsidiary brand name of EC Data Sytems Inc. EC Data Systems is a software service company that presently operates out of Denver, Colorado. EC Data Systems has been involved in telecommunications technology for over a decade. FaxAge aims its services at businesses which are small to medium-sized. At present, neither EC Data Systems or FaxAge have sought Better Business Bureau accreditation.

Operations and Functionality

FaxAge is a fax-by-email service that enables you to send faxes in many popular file types, including all Microsoft Office formats, Adobe PDF, JPEG and TIFF. The FaxAge website features a list of all supported file types. You can also attach multiple documents with each fax that you send if required. Faxes are received in the PDF and TIFF formats.

In addition to sending faxes by email, you can also send faxes via the FaxAge website, and by using the provided API Fax software. The FaxAge email service has exceptional functionality, enabling you to set-up an unlimited number of folders to store your faxes, and storing them indefinitely for no extra charge. FaxAge also allows you to create fax lists in order to enable automated faxing, and you can forward received faxes to multiple users’ email addresses on a per-fax-number basis.

FaxAge enables you to customise our faxes using their software. The system offers SSL encryption their email faxing service, and TLS/SSL encryption support, along with password protected PDFs.

FaxAge will provide you with a local or toll-free number as required.

Pricing and Packages

FaxAge offers many different basic packages. Here is a summary of them:

Professional Individual: The individual package enables you to send up to 300 faxes each month, and also receive the same number, for a monthly fee of $7.95. Any faxes sent or received over this limit costs 5 cents each. There is also a set-up fee for this scheme of $5.

In addition to this, there is also a lite package that simply charges you 5 cents per fax, and involves a monthly fee of $3.49.

Business: FaxAge has three business packages – Unlimited Inbound, Small Office and Toll-Free 1500.

Unlimited Inbound charges you 5 cents for every fax that you send, but you can receive as many inbound faxes as you wish without ever having to pay an extra fee. This package costs $19.95 per month.

Small Office is very similar to Unlimited Inbound, except that it also gives you the provision to send 400 faxes without incurring further charge. This package costs $29.95 per month.

Toll-Free 1500 offers you 750 outgoing faxes and 750 inbound per month, for a fee of $19.95 per month. Each fax sent and received over this limit costs 5 cents.

Each of these packages requires a set-up fee of $5.

Volume: FaxAge offers two packages in this category. Unlimited lets you send and receive as many faxes as you want without ever incurring an overage charge. It costs $64.95 per month. Toll-Free Unlimited Outbound offers you a toll-free number, and allows you to send an unlimited number of faxes each month. You have the provision to receive 500 faxes each month, with an overage charge of 5 cents per fax.

Both of these packages incur a $5 set-up fee.

Carrier: This package charges you 2.3 cents per minute for fax connections, and provides you with a local and toll-free number. There is a $5 set-up fee for this package.

The Bottom Line

FaxAge cover every single base with their packages, with their volume package being pretty unlimited in the industry. They don’t seem to have quite the functionality of some other providers, but if they provide what you require then you should check out whether their packages are cost effective for your business.