Fax.com Review


Fax.com is another subsidiary brand name used by Data on Call, who also have further fax companies under the names of RapidFax, TrustFax, SmartFax and Send2Fax. Data on Call is based in San Diego, California, and currently has not sought Better Business Bureau accreditation.

Operations and Functionality

Fax.com offers all of the basic features that one would expect to find in a digital fax service package.

Firstly, Fax.com offer every business that signs up with them a choice of a local or toll-free telephone number, freeing you of the need to have a separate telephone line for your faxing. Fax.com also offers a mobile faxing service, which can be accessed through either laptops or mobile phones as required.

Faxes are sent through email on Fax.com, with files being sent as either PDF or TIFF attachments. The Fax.com interface also enables users to compose and edit their own faxes. Fax.com will also support incoming faxes in virtually any major file format that you care to name.

Fax.com will store your faxes online for thirty days in a secure personal account. After thirty days of storage Fax.com will charge you one cent per day for any faxes that you wish for them to store.

Fax.com also enables you to add multiple email addresses to your account, thus allowing many of your employees access to Internet faxing. You can send faxes from any computer and send multiple messages simultaneously.

Pricing and Packages

Fax.com has an extremely straightforward pricing structure. The provider offers a single passage which costs $9.99 per month, and for which you are entitled to fax 300 pages. Fax.com does not require you to make a long-term commitment, and you can renew your package on a month-to-month basis.

The Bottom Line

Fax.com is a pretty ordinary Internet faxing provider, there is nothing extraordinary about what they offer or any of their services. However, there is nothing hidden regarding the company, and Data on Call have a pretty good reputation. If they provide the functionality that you require, and the you’re happy with 300 pages faxing per month, then they may be worth a look.