AirComUSA Review


AirComUSA was founded fifteen years ago, and is currently based in Provo, Utah. AirComUSA claim to take great pride in the high quality of their customer service, which is reflected in their Better Business Bureau rating of A+.

Operations and Functionality

AirComUSA provides all users with a toll-free or local fax number depending on their needs. As with many email fax providers, AirComUSA enables you to receive faxes in both PDF and TIFF format.

There are numerous folders provided by the AirComUSA system in order to store any junk faxes that you might succeed. AirComUSA provides you with five email addresses in order to send and receive faxes. The system also allows you to receive multiple faxes simultaneously. The provider will also provide you with an email confirmation once faxes have been sent successfully. It is possible to send multiple documents in one fax with AirComUSA.

AirComUSA does not require you to sign up to a long-term contract, instead you can renew their service on a month-by-month basis. In addition, there is no cost to upgrade or cancel your account. The company also runs a toll-free support customer service line, and a live chat service on their website.

Pricing and Packages

AirComUSA offers three basic packages:

Basic: AirComUSA’s basic package is a pay-per-usage scheme that charges you ten cents per minute for any faxes sent or received. You also pay an $8.95 per month fee.

Plus: The Plus package offers you one hour, or approximately 120 free outbound or inbound pages per month, for your monthly charge of $14.95.

Pro: The Plus package offers you two hours, or approximately 240 free outbound or inbound pages per month, for your monthly charge of $19.95.

The Bottom Line

AirComUSA is really a provider aimed at small businesses at individual users. If you fit into these categories, though, their outstanding customer service reputation means that they are worthy of consideration.