Online Faxing: Part of the Movement toward Cloud Computing

Since online faxing first became available, a number of companies have begun to provide e-fax services. These services form part of a general move toward ‘cloud computing’, a term which refers to a new revolution in Internet-based office work. Once cloud computing becomes the standard, then logging on to computers, smart phones and other devices will enable you to access files and services from wherever you are, whenever you require them. Physical processors and hard drives will essentially become obsolete.

Cloud computing will be available under a subscription model. There will be no more requirement for businesses to purchase physical hardware. The cloud model will be cost effective as there will also be no need to make utility payments, and so on. Therefore, cloud computing delivers tremendous value-for-money in comparison to the business model to which we’ve become accustomed.

Measuring Your Faxing Frequency

Before you do anything else, it is a good idea to calculate how many faxes you expect to receive in the average week. The industry average is around three hundred pages in total to be sent and received, but there are numerous companies who offer packages that cater for more and less than this figure.

Although three hundreds sounds like a significant base to begin with, in reality this is completely dependent upon the nature of your business. For example, the likes of real estate firms tend to conduct a lot, if not all, of their business by fax, so in this case three hundred faxes will quite simply be a pittance.

Furthermore, if you don’t pick a package with a sufficient page count, then you will be charged for additional pages. This is usually ten cents per page, which sounds trivial, but can quickly stack up. In short, you must evaluate the requirements of your business before you commit yourself to a provider. Even if you require an astronomical number of faxed pages per month, there will be a package available that will be cost effective.

Effectively Manage Your File Storage

Another useful facet of online faxing is the ability to store your faxes online. Again, this is something that various providers differ on. Some charge you for storage after a certain period of time, others will limit the amount of storage to which you have access. Therefore, before you commit to any package, it is a good idea to work out how much data you need to be accessible at any given time, along with how long you will need to access it.

Other Important Factors

Other issues to consider include:

• Would you prefer a toll-free or local fax number?
• How many users you wish to have access to faxing.
• What level of customer support you will require. Many large online fax companies will provide 24/7 support with call centres and, in some cases, online support.
• Price versus function. The cheapest provider isn’t necessarily right for your business, if you’re not receiving the sort of service that you actually require.
• Technical specifications. Some providers give you the option of sending faxes from Microsoft Office programmes; others offer different levels of data protection for sent faxes.
• Added Extras. Some of the features offered by digital fax providers to incduce you to join their service include vanity fax numbers, scheduling times for automated fax deliveries and forwarding faxes to other numbers.