Internet Fax Services

Why Switch to Internet Fax?

  1. Convenient – send faxes directly from the document you are working on when using your computer
  2. Paperless office – well not entirely, but you can greatly reduce the need for costly and wasteful printing, as well as file all your faxes electronically
  3. Secure – sent only over securely encrypted connections, and only received by the intended recipient, internet faxing is great for keeping things private
  4. Free trial! – what have you got to lose with most providers offering 30 day trials that let you send and receive between 300 and 500 for free?
Top Rated Online Fax Service Providers Comparison Chart
Service Nextiva RingCentral MyFax eFax RapidFax
Screenshots Nextiva RingCentral MyFax eFax RapidFax
Plan Reviewed Single User Fax 500 Best Value eFax Plus Personal
Free Faxes / Month 500 In or Out 500 In or Out 500 In or Out 150 In; 150 Out 300 In or Out
Additional Pages 3 Cents / Page 5.9 Cents / Page 10 Cents / Page 10 Cents / Page 8 Cents / Page
Sending Users 1 Multiple 5 1 Multiple
Keep Your Number Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Free TollFree Option No Yes Yes No Yes
Send Fax by Email Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Customer Support 24/7 24/7 24/7 24/7 M-F
Setup Fee No No No No No
Free Trial
Price $4.95 / mo $7.99 / mo $10 / mo $16.95 $9.95
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Fax Machines vs Online Fax

Traditionally, faxes were sent using physical machines and paperwork. With the advent of the Internet, and particularly as the technology related to it has rapidly improved over recent years, online faxing is now not only possible, but in many ways superior to traditional faxing. The online method trumps the traditional method in cost, convenience, flexibility and security, not to mention other areas.

Background to Internet Fax

You may hear online fax referred to by diverse names. Some of the most commonly used are Internet fax, digital fax, e-fax, cloud fax and email fax. This reflects the fact that there are various methods to send faxes using a computer and Internet connection, with various systems allowing you to send faxes through either email, an interface based on the Internet, or dedicated software. Various providers favour differing methods, but regardless of the method used, the whole process remains automated and secure.

When sending a document via online fax, the document can either be scanned into the machine before sending, or can be created on the computer beforehand. Internet faxes are usually sent using the Adobe PDF format.

One can potentially save a great deal of money online faxing as opposed to the traditional method, as all is required is a suitable computer (or even mobile phone) and Internet connection. As the file is essentially transferred as per any Internet file, via TCP / IP connection, then no additional line or call charges are incurred, other than the monthly Internet service charge.

Requirements for Internet Fax

Setting up an online fax service for either home or business use is a straightforward and quick process that ought to take no more than ten minutes.

1) First, you need to sign up for and create an account with a suitable Internet fax service provider.

2) Next you give the provider your existing fax number, or ask them to set you up with a new one.

That is pretty much it. You are now ready to start sending faxes online using whatever system the provider operates, whether desktop application or email.

Advantages of Online Faxing over Traditional Methods

Convenience – there are no hardware requirements for internet faxing, nor is a separate phone line needed. All that is required is a suitable computer, an Internet connection, and, depending on what functions are required, in some cases a scanner.

Price – Due to the fact that online faxing doesn’t require a user to pay for individual phonecalls, but merely a one-off Internet and phoneline charge, it is far cheaper than traditional faxing. Certainly for business users who intend to send a lot of faxes, particularly overseas, it is pretty much a no-brainer to utilise Internet faxing. Also, there is no need to shell out on physical items such as paper.

Security – Internet faxing offers an enclosed, secure environment, as opposed to traditional faxing in which, particularly in an office environment, the machines and their output can be accessed by many different people.

Remote Accessibility – Online faxing can be done ‘on the go’ via tablet devices and smartphones, offering a flexibility that traditional faxing obviously can’t come close to matching.

Efficiency – Many of the problems that anyone who has used a traditional fax machine will be familiar with are eliminated. One can’t run out of paper, there are no paper jams, instant messages are sent to users when faxes are received or sent successfully; in short, email faxing has the sort of functionality that one would expect from a modern, digital computerised system. Traditional faxing, of course, does not.

CCing – Much like when using e-mail, one can send CC multiple recipients into the message, online fax allows faxes to be sent to numerous people simultaneously.

Environmentally Friendly – Naturally with online faxing there is no paper requirement, no need for ink, in fact no need for physical materials whatsoever. It therefore presents a much more resource-friendly method of sending faxes, which provides benefits to the planet as well as your wallet.

Storage – Online faxing allows you to store all the faxes that you’re sent digitally, saving time, effort, and resources.

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